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Will McFarlane: Links

Bonnie Raitt official web site
I spent almost 6 years in her band, and can't express how much that affected my life and music. Her standard is so high, feel so deep.
Photo of Will, Bonnie Raitt and Sippie Wallace
One of my friends and mentors, he is the guitarist in the Muscle Shoals Rhythm section.
Again, David's a friend and wonderful musician--you've heard his playing, whether you know it or not
The Musician's Hall of Fame
It's a great bunch of folks giving honor and recognition to the players and producers behind the music. I just had the good fortune of being inducted as a friend of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, and it was truly an unforgettable evening.
My buddy, Bruce DeBoer's site to help unblock all you creative people out there.